World War One: The Great War

  • The centenary represents an opportunity to learn more about a turning point in human history and commemorate those who lived, fought and died in the First World War. Our “The Great War” tour transports audiences back 100 years to London on the eve of the outbreak of World War One.

    • This tour is conducted by a Historian with an exceptional knowledge of the Great War.
    • Meet the leaders who were responsible for making crucial decisions and explore the catalysts for the First World War.
    • Hear some of the most memorable quotes and poetry of the period.
    • See and learn about the monuments commemorating the “lost generation” and pay your respects.

    Weaving in and out of Britain’s historic center of political power, Westminster, the tour gives audiences a rich understanding of the events, locations and context of the Great War. The tour also explores the warfare tactics employed during the war and their history.

    Learn of power dynamics and pacts that created the climate in which the war began and consider the impact on those living in London at the time. A truly fascinating tour and an engaging way to mark this historic occasion.

  • Just a taste of what you will experience:

    Big Ben Arrive at Big Ben in time to hear this famous clock strike 11am. Every remembrance Sunday this marks a two minute silence, serving as a tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for their country.

    Central Westminster Hall At Parliament Square we will go through the basics of the Great War and explore how and why Great Britain became involved in the summer of 1914.

    Queen Anne’s Gate Here we will visit the homes of some of the most famous foreign policy and military strategy decision-makers of the British Empire.

    Saint James’s Park The royal park will set the stage for the outbreak of war. We will use this setting and our imaginations to experience the atmosphere in Europe at the turn of the 20th Century.

    Foreign Office Find out what was going on in the minds of the most important decision makers on the eve of the Great War and how it’s relevant even today.

    The Cenotaph Memorial We will walk down Whitehall and stop at its heart to see the main memorial to the fallen in the Great War and all wars since.

    The Old Admiralty Building, Citadel and Arch Learn about the British Admiralty as a symbol of “sea power” supremacy and its role in World War One.

    Trafalgar Square We will end at this grand square where celebrations were held at the end of the Great War in 1919 before passing by the memorials to the “lost generation”.

Meeting Point

London_Underground St James’s Park tube station, main exit

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Finish Point

Trafalgar Square


2 hours

Walking Time

30 minutes





10 plus






disabled Suitable for wheelchair users